Monday, March 17, 2008

First couple of days and already a few lessons learned...

These first couple days have been really exciting. If you're anything like me, the moment a great idea pops into your head, your brain takes off at 1000 mph. My mind has been racing with one idea after another, followed by another idea to build off the last one. It was after only an hour that I grabbed the nearest notebook I could find and started writing out everything I could come up with; ideas, strategies to use, strategies to avoid, critical features of my overall idea. Everything. The way I see it, this is the time to create; to envision. I feel like I opened some sort of flood gate in my brain. Ideas have been "spilling" onto the page one after another. I'm not letting myself hold back on anything. Even if it sounds like a bad idea at first, I thought of it for a reason, so it's going in the notebook. At one point, I even wrote: "The concept is larger than the product. BUILD THE CONCEPT."

The only topic I kept dismissing from my head was how this could make money. Right now, I don't care. I really don't. The vision I have in my head is for product who's success is based on its quality. I guess it would be like writing a song and asking yourself "how popular and how much money can this song make me," before you write each note. You wouldn't get anywhere. If you're someone who likes creating and knows the creative process, you'll understand that the last thing you want to do is make it stop. To take full advantage, you need to let yourself become absorbed in it. Focusing on the benefits a creation makes for you seriously derails this creative process. And without the creativity, you wouldn't be anywhere. Right?

So this is where I am: I have my original idea and I have plenty of other little ideas to go along with it. I'm constantly thinking of new things, but before my mind has had the chance to forget it, I've written it down. I'm not holding back, everything is fair game. The one topic I want to avoid is money. Now is about building the concept; build build build. Money will come later. As long as I can create a rock-solid product, there should be plenty of opportunity for the green stuff.


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